Dragonfire Shield Equip

A player equipped with a Dragonfire Shield

Used by many Pkers for it's tremendous defensive abilities, the Dragonfire Shield also features a strong special attack.

Special AttackEdit

To unleash the special attack of the Dragonfire Shield, simply open your equipment tab and right click the Dragonfire Shield - then select operate. This will unleash a flash of dragon breath, dealing up to 20 damage. The Dragonfire Shield must cool down between special attack uses.


The Dragonfire Shield can be obtained from...

  • The Pk Point Shop, costing 120 Pk Points to purchase.
  • Killing any of the creatures on Donator Island, although the drop rates are low.
  • Trading other players.
  • Killing the Roat Pkz Master found at the Champ teleport - take caution, as it is within the wilderness.