PKP Snip

A player checks their stored Pk Points, via the Stats tab.

PKP Snip3

A player checks their stored Pk Points via the Pre-Made Kits Tab.

Pk Points, often known as PKP, operate as the sole form of currency within Roat Pkz. Pk Points may take the form of stored points or items. When traded within the context of an item, items are generally regarded as having approximately the same value as they would have within the Pk Point Shop.

Using Stored Pk PointsEdit

Stored Pk Points are able to be exchanged for items at the Pk Point Shop. Please see the Pk Point Shop article for additional information.

Obtaining Pk PointsEdit

Pk Points may be obtained by killing another player. For every kill, you recieve 4 Pk Points. Please note that as a preventative measure against farming, killing the same player twice in a row will yield no Pk Points.

Checking Stored Pk PointsEdit

One is able to check their stored Pk Points in three different ways. The first of these methods is to simply look within the Stats tab, where your stored points will be displayed along-side other useful information. The second method of checking Pk Points is to talk to Mazchna - you will be given a dialogue box informing you of your current stored Pk Points. The last method of checking your stored Pk Points is to check the bottom of the Pre-Made Kits tab.

PKP Snip2

A player checking their stored Pk Points via Mazchna.