New to RoatPkz? You have come to the right place.

If you still need help after going through this page please check out our forums and make a post in our help section, or alternatively log in game and ask a staff member.

How do I play?

To start playing, you can choose to play in browser here (note: Google chrome will not work with the web client.) or download the official client here.

Once the client of your choosing has loaded simply type in a username and password and hit login. If you get "Incorrect password", then your desired username has already been taken - try a new one. Your forum username and password is not your in-game username and password, they are not connected.

Getting items

RoatPkz has few shops being a spawn server and all, however, we have the essentials. The shops are located north of edge bank (::home) Find more about the shops here. Yelling is the main form of people buying/selling items. To yell, you must be a donator - Alternatively, you could try to find someone to yell for you.

The main way to get your items is to spawn them. To do so type ::item id e.g ::item 4012 1. To find an items id type ::getid itemname e.g ::getid armadyl godsword

Custom kits can be found in the tab next to the inventory. From there you can choose custom set ones. In the tab next to that you will find 'Your Custom Kits' where you can customize your own kit.


Making money

On RoatPkz, our currency is Pk Points. Earning Pk Points is quite easy, we have several ways to do so.


You can vote through ::vote or by clicking here. You have a choice of receiving 100 Pk Points or a Pking Package.

Pking & High risking

Pking is a great way to earn Pk Points, per kill you will receive 2 Pk points and on our double Pk Point weekend, it increases to 4. High risking is normally done at ::meth, players will risk rares and other valuables. You can pk at the following locations:

  • Edge
  • Varrock
  • Funpk
  • Brid
  • Easts
  • Wests
  • F2P


You can duel at ::duel and stake other players. This is by far one of the better ways to make money if you have luck on your side!


Donating for items & packages is a nice risk-free way of obtaining items & Pk Points. Read here to find out more about donating.

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